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Stand Up Paddling as fitness training

2018-09-19 17:43:45 Y&G Inflatable Read
Stand Up Paddling as fitness training
In addition to the aspect that stand up paddling is great fun, it is also ideal as a fitness training. The fact that the balance must always be maintained, both the coordination ability is trained, as well as the legs, stomach and buttocks. Furthermore, the paddle movements train the arms, back and shoulders. And the nice thing about standing up paddling is that you're out in the open air in nature, rather than just monotonously doing the same exercises in the stuffy gym.


What is trained by the Stand up Paddling?
In stand up paddling, besides the ability to coordinate, we also train various muscle groups that we would like to introduce here. Pulling forward with the paddle as you lean against the board creates a pulling motion. This movement particularly strengthens the latissimus, the deltoid (shoulder), as well as the triceps. Trained muscle groups by stand up paddling

Latissimus: Is the muscle that helps to form a V-shape of the back. He is already stressed by simple paddle movements and trained accordingly.
Deltoid: The most important lifting arm for the arm. Every movement uses this muscle. Thus, a strong deltoid muscle in other sports such as tennis or boxing can be very beneficial.
Triceps: The triceps takes, as one may not even think at first, two thirds of the upper arm and the biceps, however, only one third. So stand up paddling is also suitable for those who want to have more muscular arms.
Quadriceps: The thigh muscle is under heavy strain, as it has to be squatted again and again just before the paddle is submerged.So stand up  paddling is one of the best ways to exercise.

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