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Most Important SUP Gear Checklist

2018-10-18 17:42:06 Y&G Inflatable Read
Before heading out on a inflatable stand-up paddleboard adventure make sure you pack and have your essential items with you and ready to go.Because,there is nothing worse than not being prepared and scrambling to look for key items after you arrive at your destination.By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail.

Basic Inflatable SUP Checklist
ISUP – It goes without saying your inflatable SUP is your number one item. I can’t imagine anyone forgetting this very important item but what gets packed into the ISUP bag can be equally as important as well.Fin – Yes I have gotten to the water without my ISUP fin before. Thinking it was stored inside my ISUP bag (as it should be), I didn’t bother to check before leaving.Without the fin, your ISUP is not going to perform as it should. Forgetting this little item can be disastrous.

Pump – With an inflatable stand-up paddleboard you need a pump.Forgetting the pump or any of the attachments that come with the pump means you don’t get to leave the shore…


Paddle – Luckily I have never forgotten my paddle but it is obviously another essential item to bring.

SUP Leash – A board leash is an important safety item especially if you will be ocean paddling.
The leash attaches to either your ankle or your calf and then to your board. If you should fall in the water it stops you from being separated from your board.Keep the board leash in your gear bag or SUP bag as well.

Other Essential iSUP Items
Now that you have your gear covered there are some other essential items that will make your SUP adventure more comfortable and enjoyable.

Water – Dehydration can lead to a whole slew of problems and it is easy to get dehydrated quickly without realizing it when out on the water.We need water to perform optimally so don’t forgot your water bottle.

Snacks – Depending on how long you plan to paddle for, snacks can make a big difference in your energy level and enjoyment.
I love stopping midway for some good snacks. They aren’t always critical but they are always nice to have along for the ride.

Sunscreen – The sun reflecting off the water can be hazardous for your skin.Sunburns can happen quickly and easily. Lather up the sunscreen and keep extra with you as well.

Proper Clothing – The right paddling clothes will depend on where you are paddling and what time of year it is.In hot summer months you may choose to only wear a bathing suit. In colder weather you will have to plan for a few extra layers to keep warm and protected.If you think you will end up in the water packing a change of dry clothes is also a great idea.This is my summary of my experience with inflatable stand-up paddleboard and I hope you have a good journey.

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