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Safety precautions for the use of inflatable bounce houses

2019-05-27 11:55:05 Y&G Inflatable Read
Inflatable bounce houses are definitely a lot of fun for the kids and they are a sure hit for outdoor parties. When the weather is nice outside, bounce houses and trampolines sound like a fun addition to many water parks, amusement parks, restaurants, outdoor parties, or even a permanent fixture in the backyard for kids. However, be aware of the risks these play sets can pose and make sure adequate measures are taken to minimize accidents because within seconds or minutes these inflatable sets can go from fun rides to terrifying nightmares.So, the following points need to be noted when using the inflatable bounce houses.Because in any noisy activity involving children, accidents such as collisions, bruises, sprains and even fractures can occur.


First of all ,there are standard installation guidelines, proper anchoring methods, weight limits, and safe operating protocols – including instructions on the weather conditions to avoid.

Secondly,consider limiting use to children 6 years of age and older.Kids should take off footwear, eyeglasses,  before getting on the set.Take any sharp objects (pens, keys) out of their pockets/hands before playing (they could easily cause puncture injuries).Do not allow adults and/or children who are larger than the height/weight that the bounce house is designed for.Food, drink, bottles, glasses etc. should not be taken onto the bounce house.


Supervision should be maintained all the time. If supervision cannot be maintained, the inflatable bounce house should be deflated and moved away.

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