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Safety equipment for isup

2018-07-24 15:39:27 Y&G Inflatable Read
Surfing is a stimulating sport that neither children nor adults can reject. However, whether it is a newcomer or an experienced athlete, we must consider a problem - safety. It is not mandatory to play the isup to wear a life jacket. Of course, it is best to wear it. In addition to life jackets, there are many other safety equipment to choose from.


Coiled leash
For use when all-round paddling, touring, river running. The coiled nature of the leash keeps it from dragging in the water which minimises the risk of it getting snagged on any obstacles, or hidden underwater hazards.

Straight leash
For ISUP surfing. A long (8-10ft) straight leash provides a strong connection yet puts more distance between yourself and the board in a surf environment when falling off and tumbling in a wave is highly likely.

Waist leash
Normally leashes are worn around the ankle or calf, but the quick release waist leash is recommended in certain situations. When white water river running, for example, the waist leash stays well clear of the water to avoid snagging on rocks, plus can be quickly and easily released if necessary should it get caught and put you in a dangerous situation.


Why wear a leash

You wouldn't drive a car without wearing a seatbelt, and the leash is the same for paddleboarding. The leash is your fundamental connection to your SUP. Wherever you paddle, wind, tide, currents and water flow can be at play. Even if the water looks calm when you start your paddle, conditions can change and tides can turn.
Without wearing a leash, should you fall in being separated from your board is a real possibility. The wind and current or tide can act differently on your body, which is largely under the water, to the lighter weight SUP which is sitting on it. The SUP may drift away faster than you're able to swim after it, especially if there is an element of shock after falling in unexpectedly. The leash is the lifeline that attaches you to the largest flotation device available to you; your paddleboard.

For isup surfing,we must strengthen our safety awareness and avoid all kinds of accidents. I hope this article can help you.

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